How to Stay Warm While in a Wheelchair?

Adjusting to life in a wheelchair means constantly finding new ways to handle common situations. Although this can be challenging at times, it can also be interesting to stretch your creative skills. One of the many things you will need to learn how to do is find ways to keep warm during colder weather. When in a sitting position, it is often more difficult to get moving enough to stay warm on your own. Therefore, you will want Read the rest of this entry »

Bowling Competitions for People in Wheelchairs

Being in a wheelchair should never stop you from doing things that you absolutely love. One of those things might be to join a local bowling competition or group where others who are also in wheelchairs can play together. You will find that this type of group allows you to make friends and feel as though you are a part of a team where you are all equal to one another. Finding one of these groups can also be relatively easy for you when you are looking in Read the rest of this entry »

Different Leagues that People in Wheelchairs can Compete in

While many handicap individuals may not realize it, there are a variety of sports that wheelchair-bound people can compete in. While the availability of leagues and types of sports may vary depending on location, one can always find a wheelchair-friendly activity to participate in.


There are a variety of wheelchair tennis leagues that operate throughout the country. The game is played exactly like regular tennis except the participants use wheelchairs when moving around on the court.

Wheelchairs Read the rest of this entry »

Rugby Competitions for People in Wheelchairs

The International Wheelchair Rugby Federation (IWRF) sponsors many events and tournaments for wheelchair-bound players.

In 2013, the Vancouver International will take over Richmond Oval, welcoming the best teams in North America. It is one of the continent’s most exciting tournaments, and thousands of fans come out to cheer on their favorite teams.

The United States Quad Rugby Association provides support, opportunity and structure for wheelchair rugby players, and the group is putting on their 25th Annual National Championship this April in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Defi Sportif Wheelchair Rugby Tournament will roll into Montreal Read the rest of this entry »

How People in Wheelchairs can Play a Game of Softball?

If you’re in a wheelchair and you love to play softball, you’re in luck. More and more Wheelchair Softball leagues are forming around the country. All you have to do is look for them. When you find one, sign up and play. It’s that easy. If you don’t know anyone, don’t worry. You can simply sign up as a free agent. This is a great way to make new friends and network.

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How People in Wheelchairs can Enjoy a Game of Hockey?

Wheelchair hockey, also known as power hockey, is a sport for persons who use power wheelchairs. Even though power wheelchairs are the norm at the moment, the use of manual wheelchairs is becoming increasingly popular.

The rules of wheelchair hockey follow the same basic rules of pedestrian hockey. There are six players, including the goalie, per team, but instead of being played on ice, it is played in a gymnasium to allow the use of wheelchairs.Is this new to you? Catch up here This allows individuals with the severest of physical disabilities to enjoy a game of hockey. For instance, players who are unable to hold the stick will have it fastened to the wheel chair in order to play.

The participants use plastic field hockey sticks and a 3 inch plastic ball for safety. The playing areas are ideally the size of a basketball court. The game is played in accordance with regular hockey rules, with three to fifteen minute periods, as well as overtime to break ties.

Wheelchair hockey, floor hockey, as well as modified versions of hockey and hockey for the visually impaired are ways for persons with disabilities to participate in this engaging and exciting sport.
There are wheelchair hockey leagues all over North America, now culminating in a national championship tournament.

How can People in Wheelchairs Play a Game of Tennis?

Wheelchair tennis is a type of tennis modified for those who have disabilities in the lower extremities of their bodies. Everything is the same as its conventional, pedestrian counterpart, including size of courts, rackets and balls, except for two primary differences. Individuals playing wheelchair tennis use specially created wheelchairs and the ball in play may bounce up to two times.

To play wheelchair tennis, research tennis clubs and associations. Many of these clubs offer private and semi-private classes and many instructors are now Read the rest of this entry »

Hand cycling Competitions for those in Wheelchairs

Hand cycling, also known as crank cycling is the racing of wheelchairs. With hand cycling, the vehicle (wheelchair) is propelled using the arms and upper body, and not the legs. Hand cycling is for athletes with any form of qualifying disability, including individuals with spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, amputees, and those with partial sight combined with another disability.

The racing categories are primarily divided into quads, which allows an athlete with all four limbs disabled Read the rest of this entry »

Popular Sport activities for People in Wheelchairs

Despite people being in wheelchairs there are still things that they can do for fun. In fact, there are quite a few popular sports that people in wheelchairs can partake in. Thanks to many disabled rights activists it has become increasingly easier for disabled people.

Here are some popular sports activities for people in wheelchairs:

Bowling: There is even an organization called the American Wheelchair Bowling Association for people who like to bowl that are in wheelchairs. They are an organization that promotes bowling on a Read the rest of this entry »